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I had PDF Element installed, then purchased PDF Element Pro.  After uninstalling PDF Element the old virtual printer was removed (as expected).  However, I am unable to add PDF Element Pro as a virtual printer.  It's not available as an option to add as a local printer.  I am running Windows 7.

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Hi Husker,


I am sorry if the virtual printer failed to be added after downloading the Professional version. 


Can you please try troubleshoot this problem by the following steps?


Please go to Control panel >Hardware and Sound> Devices and printers to check all the printers in your computer to see if your computer has connected to the printers successfully. Please take a screenshot and send it to me.


If our program is not included in the printers list, please right click the blank space  and add our program to the printers. 


If you make any progress, please let us know.


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