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Upgrade to Build 6.6.1, 5.15.1 stil in Programs and Features

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In Windows 7 after upgrading to PDF Element 6 Pro (6.6.1) I notice in Programs and Features that both the old build (5.12.1) and PDFelement OCR are still listed. May I safely uninstall both or is either needed for anything since OCR is supposed to be built-in in 6 Pro? See screenshot.

Programs and Features screenshot.rtf

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Hey David, 


I am unable to open the screenshot, but the OCR is not built in; you'll have to download it separately. There is a different one for PDFelement 6 so you can uninstall the software for PDFelement 5 (but keep the codes for future use, as PDFelement 5 and 6 are two separate programs). Here is the link for OCR plug-in downloads: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/ocr-plugin-versions.html


In addition, we have released PDFelement 6.6.1 so feel free to upgrade to that. You can access updates through "Help" -> "Check for Updates".  


Hope this helps,


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