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I am searching for a way to build up depending drop down menues in PDF-Element.

E.g. first drop down includes 5 Elements. If I choose element 1 I want to have a selection of choices, if I choose element 2 another selection of choices.

It would act like choosing a car Producer first (e.g. Audi), then the model (A6 - I do not want to see models not belonging to Audi).


Thank you for letting me know your ideas.



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Hi RBull, 


The drop down menu features you have described are beyond the scope of PDFelement's form features. What kind of form are you building? (Eg. is this a purchasing form?) Perhaps we can find a work around.


Google Forms should be able to do something similar. I have built a few forms where if you pick item A, the next question will automatically direct you to answers relevant to item A. 




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