Can you Match Multiple Text Box Heights?

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I've made a pdf form fillable by creating and lining up text boxes, but I have since realized that they need to be the same height (I have to realign them all vertically due to words being floated in vertical center, so none of them rest on the lines in the pdf). Is there a feature that does text box matching? Doing it by hand is maddening and I don't want to copy/paste boxes just to make them a uniform height (they're varying widths). I've searched to no avail on the internet and in this forum. I'd upload the file, but it's way too big. 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Diusgh, 


Aside from the Windows' simple gridding guide, you can select particular groups to copy and paste (with command -> click on Mac, and Control -> click on Windows), if your pages have similarities. 


You can change the alignment of the answers when you go into the properties of the form field (by double clicking). It is under the "options" tab. 


What are you visioning when you say text box matching? Would love to hear your thoughts! 




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