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I bought 5 copies for my company. On the windows 10 Pro system I installed the program on, I logged in as the user (standard user) and registered the program.  Later on, I logged in as the local computer administrator and PDFelement asked me to register again.  So 2 questions. First, isn't the registration for the computer the program it is installed on and not for individual users?  Second question, If I had registered the program under the administrator account and then under the end user account, would that have registered as 2 separate installations?

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Hi UserInPgh, 


Thanks for reaching out. Activation is counted by device. If you have 5 copies, you can activate it on 5 difference devices. Even If you register the software with your administrator and end user account, it will only count as one activation as long as it's on the same physical device. 


Hope this helps,


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