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Very basic question but haven't found answer that works anywhere: how do you designate a different default folder for PDFElement to use for saving and opening pdf files it creates? One answer said MENU->Preferences->Location but I could not find MENU, The only place I found "Preferences" was under "File" but that offered no option to select a default folder to save or open files. If I click "File->Save As" it shows a "Current Folder" under "This PC" that PDFElement must have pre-selected but I don't want to use, and there is no way to delete it and substitute the folder I want. It does show the folder I want under "Recent" but no option to designate that as my preferred save/open directory folder. Also, that is the only folder that shows an "X" when you mouse over it, which I assume means I can delete it from the list. The 2 others on that screen, which I would like to delete, don't offer the "X". Please advise.

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Hi Steve,


Thanks for your feedback. That is a good suggestion. As you have figured out, currently the save/open location goes to the last opened folder. 


We will consider your feature request. 


Thanks for sharing this. 


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