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I am trying to digitally sign forms used with the military.  I am able to sign some forms.  However when I try to sign a form in sequence after other who are required to sign have done so, I receive password permissions request and can do NOTHING with the form because of this.  Consequently I need to go to Adobe and just sign it there.  I prefer PDF Element, paid for it and would like to use it.  I am getting tired of having to keep going back to Adobe.  I am using the software on a MacBook. Any advise on this?
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Hi Tom,


Can you send me this PDF file so that we can have a check?


Is this file being placed digital signature or electronic signature? Normally speaking, opening the file that has been added digital signature will not receive the message of password permission.


Permission password is set for editing files. If you have the password and input it, the file can be edited, otherwise, the file is protected. You can open and read the file but don't have the right to edit them. It is a way of protecting the file from being modified.


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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