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Help after i tried to uninstall the program my computer crashed

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I wanted to convert a pdf file to a word file so I could edit it.


I downloaded Pdf elements and opened the pdf file, then it said to download the OCR which I did.

The program downloaded successfully and converted the file so I could edit it.  I tried to then save the file and

it said I had to pay in order to save the file.   so I uninstalled the program, then I uninstalled the OCR then my computer rebooted and won't start.


I would appreciate any help I can get from the community.  Someone outt here must have had this problem before.



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Hi Ray,


I am sorry for that bad experience that you have been through. 


Frankly speaking, I am quite surprised by this. I forwarded this case to our development team and they have no clue of this either. I wonder whether you turn to an IT expert to help diagnose this problem afterwards?  


If you are 100% confident about that this problem caused by our program, I wonder whether you can provide more information for us? Like any error message or crash report or screenshot?


Best Regards,



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