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I have several PDF documents that require the same information to be completed on each document, i.e. Name, Address....   I would like to create a Master document (that has each field on it) and then only type the information in once and it will pull the information from my master sheet and fill it in on each form.  So for example, when I type the clients name (once) it will automatically pull the name into each Field that I have named ‘Name’.  Is this possible?  I would think you could link each field with the same name, on multiple PDF documents but have not been able to get it to work.


Thanks, Trina

Sample Doc.pdf

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Hi Trina,


For your case, you are advised to use export and import feature.


Please open the file and click Form> Export button and the filled contents will be exported. 

Image 10.png


Then you can open a new PDF form file and click Form>Import button to import the file that we previously exported. And for whichever form field got the same name, the field will be filled in corresponding contents. 


Hope this helps.








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