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I purchased PDFElements 6 Pro to replace Acrobat. I've encountered an annoying problem. I cannot navigate through pages with either the left or right arrow keys unless I click on the page; and even then I can only move to the next/back page and then I get a system sound warning if I use the arrow key again (unless I click on the page again). On Adobe Acrobat, I can move through pages with the arrow keys. You're user manual says I should be able to navigate with arrow keys but this is not the case in my experience with his software. The page up and page down doesn't work either.

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Hi Invar,


Thanks for your feedback. It seems that this problem occurs to this certain version because of some modification of the code. In some other versions, there shall be no such problem.


Anyway, we thank for for helping us diagnose this bug and report back to us. 


Our team will fix it as soon as possible.




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