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JavaScript Not working - Why?

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Hello Running PDF Element

System : Windows 7


On Text field I am trying to add this JavaScript code in Action.  (See Uploaded images)

On Blur

Run JavaScript


var user.Info =;

If(user.Info.value == "" )
    app.alert("You did not enter anything!");


This should return a popup window that says "Your did not enter anything!",  if you leave the text box empty.   but it did not.

Why is this not working?


Text Field Properties.png

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Hi George,


I am sorry to inform you that currently our program only allows to write a Java Script which is applicable in Adobe Acrobat and others, but it does not support to run the Java Script in our own program. So this explains why it does not work when you click OK button.


Please kindly understand. And hopefully we will develop this feature soon.




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