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I have reported several times an awkward bug in editing pdf texts.  If we type "c'est à dire, doesn't, it's, ....  " we get "c' est à dire,doesn' t, it' s, ....". If I try to correct in deleting these space characters I get "cest à dire, doesnt, its, .... ".  Yesterday I downloaded and installed the new release PDFelement Pro 6.4.3 and I notice that this bug is not fixed.
With such a bug, how can you announce that PDFelement  edits documents as easily as Microsoft WORD? I hope that my complaint will be taken into account.
I join my pdf test file. Regards.


Test creation.pdf

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Hey Pierre, 


Thanks for attaching a copy of your PDF. I can see the issue that you have described! 

However, I am unable to replicate this and are also able to delete the spaces in the document that you've attached, so I would like to learn more about your situation and forward your note to the development team to get this fixed for you ASAP. 


I have edited existing text boxes, created new text boxes, and changed my system to French. Does the issue occur after you finish typing and save the document? Are you using a French keyboard? Are you Windows or Mac? 




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I thank you for your answer. I work with MacoS 10.12 Sierra and I use a french keyboard AZERTY. This problem occurs in typing my text: for example I wish to type "c'est à dire"  I type  "c ", then I type the quote and the letters "est" then   "c'     'est" occurs immediately in my text. Deleting these space characters implies deleting the quote ad I get "cest" instead of "c'est". Saving the document keeps the bug; in opening again the edited document the erroneous "c'     'est" is always existing.

I am really surprised when you tell that you can easily deleting the space characters in my test pdf file. Please, I will be very grateful if you report this problem  to development team because, in the present circumstance, I am unable to use PDFelement for writing texts or letters. Regards.

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