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I had made this post in the edit... section of the forums, then just saw this in case this is where I should have posted this...  There are a some time saving features that would be nice as what I do uses them extensively, plus a couple other misc things as well:

  • - Shortcut combinations, such as Ctrl+Shift+D for delete, others for extraction, rotation, inserting, etc would be helpful.  Pressing Alt, then 'G', then 'T' and 'L' to rotate isn't a shortcut
  • - When extracting, an option to delete the extracted pages from the original file would be helpful
  • - Putting the 'Yes', 'No', and 'Cancel' choices in the proper order would be good as well.  The current order is opposite of what I mentioned
  • - A preference to give the user a confirmation if they want to close the program if there are multiple files open at the same time


Thank you

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