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Having just the previous PDF software discontinued for use that I had, I've been moved to this software.  There are a few huge, time saving features that would be nice, plus a couple other misc things as well:

  • Shortcut combinations, much like there is CTRL+Shift+D for delete, others for extraction, rotation, inserting would be helpful.  Pressing Alt, then 'G', then 'T' and 'L' doesn't constitute as a shortcut
  • When extracting, an option to delete the extracted pages from the original file would be helpful
  • Putting the 'Yes', 'No', and 'Cancel' choices in the proper order would be good as well.  The current order is opposite of what I mentioned.
  • As mentioned in multiple other topics, separate windows for the PDFs is very important.  Workarounds aren't really acceptable with this.
  • Setting my view to 'fit page' is disregarded entirely for every PDF I open


That is all I have for now.  I will add more as I continue down this frustrating path with this new software.

Thank you

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