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Prints coming from PDFelement appear quite unprecise and partly pixilated.


Can you fix this?


Please refer to further details below.







I was printing a pdf document containing a bar code.
Printer used: Canon MG7700 series. Paper type used: standard office printing paper. In the print dialogue box, apart from the fine-print option (high resolution printing) I applied only standard printer settings; no page scaling, and no adjustments regarding saturation, contrast, lighter/darker, et cetera.


In my search to find out why this effect was happening, I printed the bar code from both PDFelement and Apple's "Preview" app.


Please refer to the attached Scan of both prints.pdf as well as the attached Original bar code document.pdf. Please use your computer screen to compare the two scanned prints with each other and with the original bar code document. You should find issues regarding:
(A) bar code sharpness

(B) text sharpness

(C) Picture sharpness


A. bar code:

·      On your computer screen I expect you to notice that the bar code in Original bar code document.pdf is shown in sharp detail.

·      In comparison with that, please view the second attached file Scan of both prints.pdf, will show you that:

o   the print made from PDFelement has lost much of its detail. Most vertical bar code lines have not stayed separated - as they should be - but instead have melted into thicker bars which are unreadable for bar code scanners.

o   In contrast, the print made from Apple's Preview app is quite sharp.

B. text:

·      Between both prints in Scan of both prints.pdf, please compare the letters l in the name of the addressee ("Coolblue"). These letters are much thicker in the PDFelement print than how they appear in Apple's Preview print. Overall, the font thickness in the PDFelement print is not consistent, leaving the appearance of a rough print with lowest resolution.

C. pictures:

·      Between both prints in Scan of both prints.pdf, please compare the pictures of (1) the pair of scissors at the top of the dotted box and (2) the wrench. The pictures in the PDFelement print clearly show pixilation, while they appear quite sharp in the other print.



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Hi Richard,


Thanks for your detailed description and clear representation of this problem. 


I have reported this print quality problem to our programmers and they will have a further analysis on why this happened and try their best to fix the problem.


Thanks for your feedback.




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