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Hi.  One of the things that I do very frequently with PDF files is complete them and sign them.  PDFelement is having trouble doing this.  I have two problems which I will mention in this post.


1) Most of the items that I have to sign have a date field and then I need to sign them.  When I fill in the date field using edit->text I can put the date in.  But when I sign the form the date in the date field disappears.  This is very annoying.  I know the signature contains the date signed but medical forms particularly ones that I use to order things are very particular and I need to fill in all the fields.  It seems to work okay if before I sign the document, I save it first and then sign it and save it again.  Usually, I get these forms as email attachments which I open from outlook.  I usually edit them in the application and then sign them.  I really don't want to double save these files.  After signing them I usually email them back to whomever sent them to me.


2) Many of the forms that I have are multiple pages and I must sign each page of the document.  In addition, I have to put in a date on each page.  It seems that PDF element once I sign the document will not let me edit it and then sign it in a second place.  (Adobe let me do this but I am trying not to buy Adobe).  I need to be able to sign the document in multiple places and edit it in multiple places.  I usually date the document on page 1 and sign page 1, then date the document on page 2 and sign page 2, then date the document on page 3 and sign page 3.  I would like to do this easily without having to create fields.  


Hopefully you understand my problem.  I have the most recent version of PDFelement Pro.




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Hi Michael,


Sorry for getting back to you so late. 


For the first problem, I am sorry that I do not quite understand it.  For "When I fill in the date field using edit->text I can put the date in.  But when I sign the form the date in the date field disappears.  " can you send us your PDF document so that we can have a further check? As you also mentioned Outlook, do you want to preview PDF file in Outlook? Currently our program does not support this feature. It is advised to download the PDF file to the local library. For your information, our program supports to set a form field button which can allow you to send the file as the attachments in the email. You can check this guidance here:


For the second problem, I am sorry that once you add a digital signature to one page of the file, the whole document cannot be edited. So it is not likely that you can add date in the following pages by clicking Edit>Text. However, there are two workarounds.  The first workaround is that you can create the date form field in each page that you need to sign before signing the document, see the screenshot below. In this way, even if you place the signature in the document, the form fields can still be filled. Image 3.png


The second workaround is that even if you sign the document, you can still add date in the other pages by clicking Comment>Typewriter button. And you can change the font, color on the right side of the program interface. 


Let me know how you think.

Best Regards,


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