Right side of work area is unuseable

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If I create a file from a blank page and draw a rectangular shape on the white work area in the middle of the screen I get a rectangle with about an inch margin on the top, left and right.  

If I attempt to use the handles I cannot select the handles on the right side of the rectangle.

This is much easier to see if I take the pencil and move it around the screen.  It goes beyond my rectangle on the top, left and bottom, but stops working about 2 inches from the right side of the work area--far before I get to the right side of my rectangle.  Why is this?  Looks like content may exist there, but the selection and editing tools cannot operate there.

Explain please.  I am using the trial version 6.4.1.xxxx


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Hey George, 


Thanks for the catch! I really appreciate all of your time and effort in describing these findings in great detail. I have forwarded this to the development team and I hope to hear from them soon! 




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