How to select shapes i've added to edit them

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I would like to know how to select shapes I've created to move or edit their properties.  I mostly used the shapes tools to add the following to a blank page:

I started with a blank letter sized page.

 I added a rectangle (rectangle1) approximately the top half of the page with some margin space.

 Inside that I put two small rectangles (rectangle2 and rectangle3) about 1/2"H x 2"W and 4" apart horizontally.  

Inside each of those I placed a text box with a word in it.

I drew two arrows horizontally from rectangle2 to rectangle3.

Now I would like to move them around to line them up better or change their sizes or colors, but I do not know how to select them.

Going to shapes and selecting the arrow, I can click on the last arrow I added and select it.  Either using the command key or without using it.

I can edit that and that is what I want to do with all the other shapes.  Is that possible?

If I make any other attempts to select anything, the first rectangle is selected.

O WOW.  I just discovered something I hadn't discovered before.  I was attempting to see if when that outside rectangle was selected and moved whether all the rectangles inside it also moved with it and they did not.   If I drag rectangle1 away from the other images, I can select them whereas I could not do this before.

So in that case are these things somehow in layers and I have to move one to the back to access and select the others.  I so, how do I know which one is in front and has to be moved other than maybe it is just the next thing selected.

Please explain how this works.  What I have read so far about the PENCIL and ERASER is confusing and I think I should simply be able to select a shape and edit it with the shapes tool.

Thank You.




DISH Wiring in basement.pdf

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Hey George,


Thanks for attaching your file, it was extremely helpful! 

To answer your question, yes, things are added in layers. The last item that was added is the item that will be on top. The reason you are still able to see all the other shapes is that you selected that the big rectangle be transparent. Think of it as a glass window. You can see all the things under it, but there is still a layer of glass between the shapes. This is why you need to move the last item aside before you can access all the shapes underneath. 


So it would probably make things easier if you created the largest rectangle first so that you can move everything else around on top (Think table as opposed to window). 


Let me know if this helps,


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