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I'm trying to figure out how to resize some rectangles on my screen where they are aligned properly and are the same size.  I figured out how to select both objects and left align them evenly, but I don't see an available option to resize them where they are the same size.  When I try to do it manually, it's just too hard/time consuming to get them the same size.  Is there an option I am missing to get them to adjust size to the first object select?  Alternatively, (or additionally) is there a pixel perfect option where I can see the x and y coordinates on the page and I can type in the new coordinates to get them to align and resize properly?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Orsalak,


Our program does not support to change the objects size to be the same in a batch nor provide the pixel options to resize. Currently, you need to resize each object one by one manually by dragging its edge to resize. However, I have forwarded your suggestion to our development for further check.



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