combining multiple pdf files and page order issues

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I have combined multiple pdf files into one pdf file.

After I get the pages in the desired order...and after I save the file and close it...when I re-open the file the pages are no longer in the desired order the way they were saved.

Is there something I'm missing?

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After opening the program, please click the Help>About button to check the version number of your program. If it is not the latest version 6.3.5, then please go to the link below to install the latest version for a try again.

Download URL:


Please use the latest version program to open your original PDF file and change the page order as you want, then save the file. You can reopen it to check whether the page order is still what you want. In case the latest version program still has the issue, then could you please try to record a video clip to show us your steps and the issue?



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