Wondershare keeps changing default printer on exit

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Every time I close Wondershare it changes my default printer.  The default printer it chooses depends on which printer I originally have on default.  This happens every time I open and close Wondershare, no actions have to be done during my Wondershare session.  

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Hi Mike,


Could you please specify the steps you take one by one? Please change the default printer as you want first, then open our program and check whether the default printer is changed. Then you can start to work with our program step by step to check in which step the default printer has changed to ours. Then please confirm your steps one by one, we will have further check for you.


And after opening our program, please click the Help>About button to confirm the version number of your program.



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I have the same issue. PDF converter 4.0.5. A physical printer is set as the default. Open Wondershare and you can see the fault printer change to Wondershare immediately. It does this over and over- set the default back to a real printer, open Wondershare and the default changes.


I tried to download the 4.1.0 update but the download failed.

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Hi there,


I am sorry to know about this issue and any inconvenience it caused to you. 


Here is a download link for the version 4.1.0 of PDF Converter Pro: 



If the problem occurs, please go to Control panel >Hardware and Sound> Devices and printers to check all the printers in your computer. Then right click the printer that you want to set as default printer to choose the option of Set as default printer.


Hope this helps.


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