Expandable form fields in PDFelement for Mac?

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Acrobat Pro DX idea of expandable form fields: a form field will accept any volume of text and will expand to fit, BUT the viewable box will have a slider on the side and only some of the content will be visible; printing the form will only print the content that is viewable, not the full field response.

I want a product that offers expandable form fields which enable the full contents to be viewed and printed.

Is PDFelement that product? I was unable to find an answer to this question in the tutorials/guides I looked through.

If PDFelement isn't that product, can you suggest alternatives?

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Hi Miri,

you can change the settings of any form field from to "Multi-line" or "Scroll long text" to change the way it is displayed. I added the same long sample text in the two fields on the right - the bottom form field is set to multi-line setting:

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