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I have tried creating a pdf document with 10 pages of text and photographs, but it has turned out too big to send by email - 52,000MB.  I therefore tried optimising it by reducing picture sizes and then taking out pictures altogether but each time I do this and save it, it gets a little bit bigger in size.  What is wrong?  I have done similar documents in word and converted to pdf before and they have been much smaller.


I hope that you can help



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Hey Lynne, 


Thanks for reaching out. 

I was able to optimize a 10-page document heavy in photos (roughly 33MB) to the medium file size option (11MB). This is below Gmail's limit of 25MB.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.37.14 PM.png


Could you please send us your file for further testing? 


Happy New Year,





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