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Hello,Wondershare Team.

I got a license key from you, from your Christmas Giveaway ( Now,I want to install this PDF Element standard,but it does not work. There are always error codes. I think,that this installer is corrupt.This installer.exe has only 960 kbytes. 

Is it not possible,that you send me a full installer package. Maybe it works fine with that. I will send you an snapshot from this error code,but it is in portuguese. I hope,you could it understand. I think,that is similar in english.

Thanks for your answer.



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Hi Brownie,


I have tested the link and it works successfully on our side. Please do not worry, you can go to the new link below to download the full package for a try. And when you install the program, you can choose the language as you want to install.

Download Link:


In case you still get any error message using the above link, please make a screenshot to show me the error again.



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