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I used the PDF form recognition tool and this created a bunch of textboxes and checkboxes and I also created some manually after. After all this I manually named and set the export values for each. It was all working fine until I saved and closed PDFElement. When I reopen the PDF with PDFElement the textbox fields are fine, but the checkboxes show up for a few seconds (meaning they do exist) but they disappear right after. I also noticed the when opened with Adobe PDF it does show the checkboxes do exist so this may be a bug with PDFElement. Does anyone know why this is occurring? I want to edit the fillable pdf checkboxes but they keep disappearing.

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Hi MW,


In order to help us figure it out, could you please attach this PDF file here to send to us for further analysis? And could you please also try to work some different PDF files with the same steps to check whether other PDF files can work successfully, or they also have the same issue. 


By the way, after opening our program, please click the Help>About button to check whether  you are using the latest version 6.3.5.



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