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Sorry for posting this here.  I could not find a Tech Support section.  I read the great reviews on PDFElements, so I downloaded it from the App Store to my iPhone X.  After running the app, it asked if I wanted to   create a Wondershare account which I did and I authenticated.  When I clicked on the app for the first time, it opened up and hung there for approximately 10 seconds then suddenly closed.  There was a white box in the middle of the screen with a blue striped shape inside the white box. The app was unresponsive during this 10 second span.


I tried clicking on this app a few more times with the same results.  Then I thought maybe there was a problem with the install.  After uninstalling the app, I reinstalled it through the App Store.  Unfortunately I received the same issues.


Lastly, I uninstalled the app then I rebooted my phone.  I again installed the app again. I still get the same issues.


Does anyone have suggestions?  Maybe this should be handled by the Wondershare Tech Support?





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Hi Jeff,


I am sorry that the account system has something wrong on Sat when you use it, and we have already fixed the issue later that day. So could you please go to your App Store account to reinstall the app for a try again? It should be ok now.



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