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I am trying to print some superscripted characters for math showing text raised to a power.  When I click on the button in the text editor that Wondershare calls "Superscript," it makes the text larger, it does NOT raise it.  I learned that superscripting and subscripting elevate or lower smaller text but this is not how the program is behaving.  Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about what I am missing or doing wrong?


Respectfully - Baran

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I forgot to click the "notify" button.

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Hi Baran,


Our program PDFelement 6 Pro supports to create and edit Superscript and Subscript text, please make sure to install the latest version 6.3.3 for a try again.

Download Link:


And you can refer to the link below to check more instructions about how to create and edit Superscript and Subscript text:


In case it still does not work, please make a screenshot to show me the issue you get and also attach your PDF file here to send to us for further tests.



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