What's New of eSign+ (2017/11/7)

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We have released the Template function for Premium account of Wondershare eSign+ now!


1. After signing up your Premium account, please click the Template tab on the top.

图像 4.png


2. Click the "Create" button or "Create a Template" button to start the process. 

图像 11.png


3. Upload the PDF file that you want to set as a template, then set whether the "recipients sign the document by order" and whether you sign it.

图像 6.png


4.Click the "Add Signers" button to add the signer as many as you want. Click each signer to set the signature and other form fields as you want one by one.

图像 7.png


5. After adding all the fields as you want, click the above Save button, this PDF document with the fields will be saved as a template.

图像 9.png


6. Click the above "Go to Templates" button, it will lead you back to the Template tab. All your templates will be listed here. Click the "Use Template" button to send for signature.

图像 12.png


7. Click the "Add Signers' Email" button to add the email addresses of your signers.

图像 14.png


8. After adding all the signers' email addresses as you want, click the "Send For Signature" button to send out this document.

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