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I'm running PDFelement 6 Pro 6.3.0 on Mac.


I often have to make multiple redactions in documents.  Is there a way to turn redaction on and make multiple redactions without clicking on the "Redact" button for each redaction?  When I'm using it, I click the "Redact" button, then highlight the area I want to redact and then the redact feature automatically turns off after one selection.  Then I have to click the  Redact button again before I can redact another area.  I often have to make dozens of redactions so having to click Redact in between each adds a lot of clicks and forces me to move my eyes and the cursor from the area that I'm reading through.  Is there a way around this?  If not, please create one.  Redact should stay on by default until I click it off.  Thanks!

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After opening your PDF file in our Mac version program, you can click the View button to display the thumbnail panel on the left side, then click the Search tab to enter the keywords that you want to search, then click the Mark Checked Results for Redaction button to redact the searched results.



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