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Images shift when converting to PowerPoint

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I have been using various versions of this software to convert Pdfs to Powerpoint for our church slideshow. I just updated to PDFelement 6 and when I convert it shifts the images up so there is now white at the bottom of the page. If I manually try to move the images the bottom is gone so then the white shows up at the top. The pdf looks fine when I open it but the images are shifted when converted to both pptx as well as ppt. I have attached a screenshot of the slide from PDFelement 6 and then a proper one converted using Version 5.1. If this can't be fixed then I may as well get a refund on the upgrade and keep using the old version.


Screenshot2017-10-07.jpg (1).jpg

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Hi Brent,


I am sorry to know this problem. However in order to help us better figure out what caused this glitch then fix it, can you attach your PDF file, converted pptx and converted ppt here so that we can have a further analysis on this problem? For the converted ppt or pptx, it is recommended to open them in Microsoft Powerpoint.


Thanks for your cooperation and support.


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