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I have a Win7 Pro desktop and a Win10 Pro laptop and PDF Element installed on both.  I have my task bar hidden on both systems.  All the applications seem to work as they are supposed to.  When I move my cursor to the lower or bottom of the screen the task bar is displayed.  This works on every application I use except PDF Element.  Being in the IT Department I have many applications and have tried many different settings/options.  Is there a way to get PDF Element to work with hidden windows task bars?  I am sure there is a registry hack that would do it but I would prefer it to just work as every other application does.  Let me know if I am missing a setting somewhere or if there is something else I can do.  Otherwise is this functionality going to be included at some point?

Thanks - Mike

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Hi Michael,


Do you want to pin our program to the auto-hidden taskbar? If so, please launch our program first and then move your cursor to the bottom of the screen taskbar to right click our program icon to choose the option of "pin this program to taskbar". I attached a screenshot below for your reference:


:Image 2.png


Thanks for your support.


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