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To Transfer lisence from PC to laptop or another PC

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How do I transfer this PDFelements pro program license from one PC to my laptop, or another PC ?

-remove license (and program) from PC

-use the same license in laptop for PDFelement.


(I have to remove PDFelements because it can not be used to crop large A0/A1 PDF pictures precisely into small printable form A3. And another pdf-program is default taking all pdfs  which can operate ok.  I could perhaps find any usage for PDFelement in laptop if any.  )

(I found confusing instruction that this 'one license could be used in PC and laptop at different time' ( how). But there is mysterious 5 times use limit, which is not defined. Or I am too dum to understand fine/ best help explanation. Perhaps this is not relevant now.)

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1. According to the installation numbers of the license permits, the license can be divided into Single-User License and Multi-User License.

Single-User License
Installation of the product purchased under a Single-User Personal License is restricted to one single personal computer owned by or under control of the license plus one additional computer also owned by the licensee, e.g.: One computer at home and another at work, or a desktop and a laptop at home. However, at any given time only one copy of the purchased products can be in use.

No matter the reason, if the software has been registered more than 5 times, you will get the warning every time you use the software. Even if the software was registered on the same computer each time. In order to continue using the software a new license needs to be purchased.

Multi-User License

A multi-user license means that the license can be installed on the specified numbers of computers entirely within your family, organizations and corporation within one particular specified location or on a network at a single site (e.g. office). Pricing for multi-user license depends on the number of end users the license will support.





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