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Watermark function doesn't, er, function...

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I've used PDFElement Pro 6 (with an iMac running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6) to merge a number of scanned pages.  Adding a copyright watermark was easy in version 5 but I cannot get the same functionality in the new (newly purchased) version: it simply leaves the merged file as a merged and otherwise unamended/unedited file.


So I'm back to using version 5 and wondering what it is that I've paid for in the upgrade.


Any ideas or help, please?



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Hi Mark,


For your information that since your original pages are the scanned files, they are not editable actually. So after merging, the merged file is still not editable. In order to edit the scanned pages, you need to enable OCR to change the file to be editable. Here are the instructions about how to perform OCR:


And after merging, you can click the Edit>Watermark button to add the watermark as you want. If it fails to work, please confirm how does it fail to work, if you get any error message, please make a screenshot  to show me the error. To take a screenshot, please press command+shift+4.




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