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OCR on a MAC

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I have just bought version on the recommendation of another user.


I am running OS 10.12.6.


I wanted to copy parts of a scanned text - to insert in a chronology - parts of which are handwritten - clicking in the grey bar for OCR or the highlighted OCR Icon above does nothing. I cannot event highlight part of the scanned document. Went to the help page and there is mention of orange highlighting. Mine has none. 



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Hi Larry,


If our PDF file is the scanned file, then the content cannot be copied directly, you need to perform OCR first. So after opening your PDF file in our program, please click the Edit>OCR button, click the Document Language button to choose the correct language of your PDF content to perform OCR. Here are more instructions:


After performing OCR, a newly created PDF file will be opened in our program, and you can click the Edit button to select the text to copy and paste.


By the way, the orange notice is for the old version, in the latest version we have changed it to the grey color. Please provide the website link where it still mentions orange, we will correct the information directly.



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