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How the see filename ? or crop precisely?

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How do I see the long filename when it is not visible on a tab and it is not on program header either ?
Like 20170907-basicfeatures-projectPDFelements-62222620-new features.pdf
Like program option to display filename in the program header or somewhere.

Also How to crop a pdf page 42"x24"  in 2x3" preview windows precisely when you do not see anything but grey ameba ?
Also program forgets old crop margins, so the fine adjustment is done impossible.
If it operated, I could buy some more.

"Why not to do it easy, when you can do it impossible?"

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Hi Jarmo,


When you hover the mouse click on the file tab, you can view the file full name. Or when you click the File>Properties button, it will display the file full name there.


After opening your PDF file in our program, you can click the Edit>Crop button, then set the margin as precisely as you want. You can also change the unit as you want to crop.



If this still cannot meet your needs, then please make a screenshot to show me your situation for further check. I will try the best to help.



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The doc size is 1200x610 mm. I try to crop A4 = 280x180mm And I don't see what I am doing in the tiny 'preview'. Then I hit and miss, write down marginals on a paper , try miss again about for 5 to 10 minutes per each. See the solution to given. 1) remember last crop + possibility fine adjust or 2) use doc size crop windows.  I solved this by using another program to crop PDF.

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Hey Jarmo,


Glad to see that you found a solution! 

If you attach your file here, I would also be happy to provide you with step-by-step image instructions of your specific situation so that you can do all your PDF editing within PDFelement. 




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