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Hi, I already bought pdf element software last year and now when I try to work on new pdf there's a wondershare filigrane and I must buy another version to remove the filigrane. 

Can't I just keep the software I bought ? Do I have to upgrade ?

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Hi Rania,


1) For your information that the program you purchased in last year was PDFelement 5 for Mac, and we have already released the upgraded program PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac, they are two difference programs. So please check whether you are using the upgraded program PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac now, if so, the upgraded program will be the trial version since you have not upgraded to it yet, and it has the watermark limitation in the trial version. You can go to the following link to enter your licensed email address to check your eligibility for the upgrade directly. After upgrading, you will get the new registration information of the upgraded program.



2) You can also keep using the program PDFelement 5 for Mac that you purchased, here is the link for you to re-download, and if it asks for the registration again, you just need to use your previously received registration information to register it again.

Download URL: http://download.wondershare.com/mac-pdfelement_full841.dmg



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