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I have scanned a hundred one-page surveys. The files now exist as individual PDF, however without any form fields. I now wanted to use the "Extract data from scanned file" function define where the checkboxes are that need to be extracted. However, I am only able to define text-fields and not checkboxes or anything else (see attached pdf). This however creates almost unusable results when extracting the data because the software converts the checkbox and a possible mark into text. How do I get values such as "checked" or "unchecked"?


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Hi Oliver,


I am sorry that it cannot extract the value such as "checked" or "unchecked" out when you use the "Extract data from scanned file" function.


For your case, after opening your PDF file in our program, you can click the Form>Check Box button to add the real check boxes in the same places on you page, and check the check boxes as you wanted. Then you can choose the method of "Extract data from PDF form Fields" to extract. In this way, the export value of the checked boxes will be "Yes", and the export value of the unchecked boxes will be "Off", hope this method works.



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