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I am trying to get a pdf from the Mail application to PDFelement on my ipad. It looks like to is going to work however, it does nothing. Please help. The following are the steps I am taking to move the file from email to PDFelements.
I open my mail app 
Click on the email that contains the file. 
Click on the file and allow it to download. 
Click and hold 
Click in the popup menu Copy to PDFelement 
The mail app closes and PDFelement opens to the page that says Local however, the file that I was opening in not there nor is it open to allow editing. 

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Hi Kimberly,


We are sorry about the issue. Actually we have already submitted the update request to Apple for the new version 4.5.2, but it may still need some time to update in Apple. So once you find the version of our app has been updated to 4.5.2 in App Store, please reinstall the latest version app in your iPad, then use the latest version to open your PDF files to try again.



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