Bates Stamping Flaws in PDFelement Pro for Mac

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I think there are a couple flaws with the batch Bates Stamping feature on PDFelement Pro for Mac.

1.  The feature puts the output files in ALPHABETICAL order rather than the order in which they were Bates Stamped.  This is a huge pain, as it can be difficult to get them back to the latter.  A work around:  Rename the files so the Bates Stamp order is the same as alphabetical order.

2.  The feature considers page orientation (e.g., whether portrait or landscape) when adding Bates Numbers.  What lawyers want and expect is for the Bates Number to be placed on the same part of the paper (say, the bottom right of a page in portrait mood) and oriented the same way regardless of what is on that page (e.g., even if that page is oriented landscape mode).  That way, if you have binders of thousands of pages, you don't have to rotate the binders 90 degrees to track the Bates Numbers every time the printed material switches from landscape to portrait mode.

Question:  Is there a way to batch print to double sided once I've Bates Stamped everything?



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Hi Mark,


1. I am sorry the output files are in alphabetical order, our development team will solve it in the future new updates.

2. Do you mean when you add bates number to landscape and portrait PDF files, the bates number do not appear in the same place in the different PDF files? If so, could you please attach one of the landscape PDF and one of the portrait PDF file here or send them to our email address: for further check?


I am sorry our program does not support to batch print files, you need to open each PDF file in our program to print one by one currently. We will keep improving the program to support more features in the future.



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