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Danish language

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When I bought pdf-element PRO, I was prommised that danish OCR-translation was part of the product. How do I download/change settings so I can scan and translate a Danish Document with æøå ??


kind regards

Kjeld Mortensen

CEO Udviklerhuset

Edited by Udviklerhuset

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Hi Kjeld,


Could you please confirm more details about your needs? Which version of our program do you use, Windows version or Mac version? The OCR function supports Danish language in the Mac version program. If your PDF is the scanned file with the Danish content, then you can perform OCR by our Mac version program and choose the correct language of Danish in the OCR language list to  perform OCR. After performing OCR, the newly created PDF file will be editable. Here are more instructions:



What do you mean to translate a Danish Document with æøå ? Whether the above instructions can meet your needs? Anything we can assist further, please feel free to let us know.



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My name is Jan. I am trying out PDFelements Pro 6 latest version for Windows. (I`m using Windows 10 64-bit). I just downloaded the OCR-package and noticed support for 23 languages but no scandinavian languages! (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish......) We have the letters Å, å  Ä, ä and Ö, ö. The letters Å and Ö I can get by ticking for the German language BUT NOT the letter Å.  ( And please notice that for example the letters Ö and Ä are many times written differently in for example danish. So are there language-packeges for the above mentioned scandinavian languages??

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Hi Jan,


I am sorry that our Windows version OCR does not support the languages of Danish, Norwegian, Swedish. However, our development team will keep improving the program to support more languages in the future new version.



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