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I just purchases PDF Element Pro.  When converting a PDF file (general ledger detail) to Excel, each page of the PDF is exported to a tab in Excel.  It appears that the information is properly placed in Excel to afford the sorting, filtering and copying of the data needed.  But when I put all the pages of the PDF on to a single tab, the cells Merge and Wrap.  Therefore data from three or more lines combine to one cell wrapped in one column but are separate cells in the same rows on the pdf rendering the conversion worthless for my purposes as I need to sort, filter and sum the information, such as separate by month, including types of activity, amounts, etc.


Anyone know how to solve this issue?



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Hey David, 


Is all the pages on the PDF file have a consistent layout? The problem is when converting all the pages into one single spreadsheet, the program might not be able to line up and match up all the table content from each pages perfectly into a structural formatting, unless each pages have very similar layout.


However, there are some tricks that can help to bypass this limitation. You can try get rid of some of the content on the document which might cause some of these inconsistency problem(like image, text paragraphs outside of the tables, etc.). In order to help you figure out more suitable solution, would you mind upload a sample of your PDF here or send it over to the customer support email: ? Our engineers can help to take a look at it for further analysis and assistance. Thanks! 

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