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5 Microsoft Word & Excel Skills You Must Have (5)

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Microsoft Word Skills


5. Manage Page Layout

The next Microsoft Word skill is how to set up and preview the page format of any document. Understanding how to do this gives you the flexibility to change a document look as whatever you want, rather than being stuck with the default settings like page margin size.


Go to the “Insert” menu, things like the “Page Number” tool, which will automate and manage the page numbering for you.



“Page Layout” menu has a bulk of the page formatting options you need.  If you’re writing up a newsletter for your company, it will be convenient to use the “Columns” tool instead of mess around with manually trying to work out the formatting into sections of the page.



Page margin setting is in the menu of "Page Layout">“Page Borders”, click the “Page Border” tab, and click the “Options” button:


You can set top, bottom, left and right page margins there. And in the “Borders" and "Shading” tabs, you will find many other cool things you can do, like place border lines on any side of the page, apply to only sections of the document, and much more.


Learning these MS Word and Excel skills, you’ll impress everyone in your office! What other software skills have you found to be key?

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