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5 Microsoft Word & Excel Skills You Must Have (4)

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Microsoft Word Skills


4. Format & Re-Use Headers

When you have a good header design for something like a letter or a certain type of report that you have to fill out, you never have to design or create that header again, you can re-use the header directly. You can save a document with all of the header formatting you need, and save all of that effort the next time you create the same document. Click the Insert>Header button to go to its menu:



With these settings, you can see header tool can be versatile and useful. You can automatically have headers alternate between two designs between even and odd pages, and you can even break your document into sections and give each section its own unique header.


This flexibility allows you to automate all of the repeat steps for the various documents, help saving lots of time. Another advantage of using headers in this way is that if you ever want to change any part of those headers in the document, all you have to do is make the change to the header style in one place, and the change will automatically applied to all the pages. Without a header tool, you may have to manually make the change on each page one by one.

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