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I often scan documents that have both typed text and handwritten text. When performing OCR, the previous version of PDF element would not change the look of the handwritten text so I could still read it  in the OCRed document. Now it displays the output of trying to perform OCR on the handwritten text - a bunch of random characters - so that the text is no longer readable in the ORCed document. I now need the refer to 2 documents.


Any way of changing this? I couldn't find anything in the preferences.




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Hi Ric,


Thanks for reaching out.

We'll get our development team to take a look at OCR and handwritten texts. What version did you have before, and which did you upgrade to? Are you using a Mac or PC? 


The closest thing to selecting areas to OCR is the option to only OCR certain pages, which would work for you if certain pages are heavily handwritten and you would like to avoid those.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 4.22.00 PM.png


If you could tell me a bit more about your documents and what you want to do with your data, perhaps we can use the custom data extraction function. Eg. Are you working on forms? What are your end goals for the data? Just let me know what your situation is and feel free to attach your document! 






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