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Bought abs Installed PDF Element. House/ office burned and was totaled with my Microsoft Surface Pro 2, April 4th.

Aargh. Have moved to rental home, and for a short recovery process bought a Lenovo 32bit Laptop to help me get thru. Installed Pdf on it in the 32 bit format.

Microsoft did not release an equivalent size replacement for my computer. Found on Ebay another Surface Rro 2 that had a 5 year warranty for $350. Bought and have been installing and using software on it. I have been given an insurance form done in the pdf format and want to use your software to input my loss for financial recovery.

Installation of version 5 is what I bought and will try to install, should I do so in the 32bit programs  or 64?


Thank you 

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Hi Albert,


PDFelement is a 32bit program. BTW, I suggest you can try our latest version of PDFelement 6.




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