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Amit Thakur

Payment Related

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Dear team,



Dear Team,

Last One Month i was followup with You  according to wonder share 30 days money back guarantee and same day raised the issue.
this software not  useful form me. 
but still I have not received any confirmation from paypal and wodershare. and without any confirmation case closed buy paypal. 


Transaction details

Date of Purchase 16-june-2017

Date of cancelation 16 June-2017

Case number: PP-005-905-375-742

Seller's name: Wondershare Technology Co.,Ltd

Transaction amount: $ 99.95 USD

Transaction date: 16 June 2017

Your transaction ID: 5J37780555700350U




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Hi Amit,


I am sorry to know this, I have sent an email to you to follow up the case, please check it directly.



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