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Set Special Code for Numbers

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When you create a text field for others to fill with some special format of numbers, you can use our program PDFelement 6 Professional to set the special format as you want.


1. After clicking the Form>Text Field button to add the text field, please double click it to open the Properties window.

2. In the Format tab, you can chooses a number category as you want.

3. If you choose Special, then you will get more types:


Zip Code

For a five-digit U.S. postal code.

Zip Code + 4

For a nine-digit U.S. postal code.

Phone Number

For a ten-digit telephone number.

Social Security Number

For a nine-digit U.S. Social Security Number. Hyphens are inserted automatically after the third and fifth digits.


Arbitrary Mask

Changes the format category to Custom and makes another text field available, in which you can type a custom format. Use this option to specify which types of characters the user can enter in any given position, and how the data displays in the field.


Accepts only letters (A–Z, a-z).


Accepts spaces and most printable characters, including all characters available on a standard keyboard and ANSI characters in the ranges of 32–126 and 128–255.


The letter “O” accepts alphanumeric characters (A–Z, a-z, and 0–9).


Accepts only numeric characters (0–9).

For example, a mask setting of AAA--p#999 accepts the input BOE--p#767. A mask setting of OOOOO@XXX accepts the input vad12@3Up.


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