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tried to save as a edited PDF file but was asked to buy or free trial water mark. no other choice but to choose free trial and got the PDF with water mark which is not what I wanted. clicked on the top right hand corner 'remove water mark now' and was brought into your web site to purchase and could not remove. looks like forum is the only avenue to put my message across...

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Hi Tony,


For your information that watermark is the limitation of the trial version, so when you save the file, you will get the notice to save with the watermark. Then you should click the File>Save As button to save to a new copy. In this way, the watermark will be added in the saved new copy, it wont affect your original PDF file. After purchasing the program, you can use your registration information to register the trial version to the full version, and open the watermarked PDF file in the full version, the watermark will be removed automatically, you just need to save the file again.


If you have not purchased the program yet, please attach your watermarked PDF file here or send it to:, then I will help you remove the watermark and send the file back to you.



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