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Combine Already Opened PDF Files in Tabs

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If you have already opened two PDF files in our program PDFelement, there is an easier way to combine them directly without using the "Combine" or "Insert Pages" buttons. 


1) Click the Thumbnail button on the very left side to display the thumbnail panel for both PDF files.

2) Select the page in one opened PDF file in the thumbnail panel,  you can keep pressing Ctrl key and click multiple pages to select them all at the same time.

3) Hold the mouse click to drag the selected pages to the tab of another opened PDF file, then it will jump to another opened PDF file directly. Release the mouse click and drop the selected pages in the thumbnail panel of this second opened PDF file. You can also choose the position where to insert the pages, just put your mouse click on the correct page position in the thumbnail, then release your mouse click. After inserting the pages, you can still move the page to the correct place to change the order as you want.


Here is the video for reference:


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