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Delete Same Text in Each Page

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If you have a PDF that has the same text on every single page and need to remove it, then you can use the "Find and Replace" function to meet your needs instead of removing each text page by page manually.


After opening your PDF file in the program, click the Ctrl+F keys to open the find box, then enter the keyword that you want to remove, click the Replace With button, and do not need to enter any new word to replace. You just need to click the Replace button, it will find out the key word, and replace it with a blank space. In this way, it will help you remove the keyword as you want.


1. Windows version:



2. Mac version:

In the Mac version program, please click the Comment+F keys to open the Find and Replace window. And do the same above steps to find the keyword and replace with a blank space.


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When I tried this function the find and replace box came up I entered the text I wanted to replace with a blank and the system froze up so I could not use any functions. Had to go to Task Mgr to unfreeze the system. By the way, I just bought PDFelement Pro this week July 19, 2017. 

find replace.JPG


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Oh no! 


Could you please attach your file so we can take a look? Thanks Robert!




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I am using 6.2. Your support team duplicated my problem and stated that it will be fixed in the next version. The community post given by Angela YL seems to be incorrect.


Thanks for mailing back. I have checked your file and have a test on our side. I am sorry that the "lease agreement" fails to be replaced by blank either on our side. Although the program doesn't freeze but indicates that there is no “lease agreement” could be found. Your feedback is highly appreciated and we will try our best to improve that aspect in our future product.


If you have any question, please feel free to let us know.


Have a nice day.


Support Team Wondershare Software

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